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The all-rounder

Tried and tested and unique 

  • The depth of seat, height of seat and backrest are child’s play to adjust (with measuring scale).
  • Child friendly, slim cushion shape. The back pad can be easily exchanged because of its bayonet fastener.
  • Seat with shock absorber for improved seating dynamics and comfort.
  • Cover cap for practical handle. 
Stable and robust 
  • The wide foot cross with five legs gives stability and safety. The castors act as brakes and are suitable for hard as well as soft floors.
  • The TurnStop can be activated to block the swivel function of the chair. The castors can also be exchanged for sliders. Gliders are available as an accessory. 
Two designs: 
  • Grey-colored frame, 10 fabric designs
  • White-colored frame, 10 fabric designs 
The only one with a secret compartment


Dimensions: 68×68 cm
Seat height: 28-54 cm
Body height: 110-200 cm
Capacity: Up to 80 kg

moll – quality made in Germany!

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