Moll Joker (2020)

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The Joker desk system is our trump card. It is captivating for its reduction to classic moll details but does not compromise in design, quality and function. The love of detail, of the product and the workmanship can be seen at first sight. Focusing on what’s important — without skimping on ergonomics — it offers everything a child’s desk should, and even grows with the child.

The table top inclination – simple and useful

The desktop can be adjusted at an angle to let children choose the most relaxed seating position for activities like writing, drawing or reading. For children, the viewing distance between the eyes and paper is smaller than for grownups — this means the paper must be closer to the eyes and not the other way around. And kids unconsciously do it right. For this reason, the desktop on Joker can be set from 0 to 30 degrees — and it’s so easy a child can do it.

Design according to the child’s wishes

Because kids are usually very clear about what they do and don’t like, the Joker has decorative elements in six colors. They can be changed to the child’s current favorite color at any time.

Child safety is particularly important to us. With its rounded corners, the Joker is designed to ensure the safety of its users. Child friendly and safe, the Joker is the ideal companion in the children’s room. First-class partners for first-class design

As children grow from kindergarten to primary school and beyond – the Joker grows with them


moll – Qualität made in Germany!

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*(4-6 weeks lead time)