Moll Champion Compact Express (2020)

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New in 2019: Champion Compact Express – introduces the sit-stand desk to the kids’ room

At moll, the guiding principle is that a desk must be height-adjustable – which allows it to “grow” along with the child. The new Champion Compact Express, like the Champion, is designed for longevity and accompanies young people through primary school and into their college years.

Expansion of the ergonomic desk range

The Champion also allows the desktop to be tilted for an optimal viewing angle during activities such as reading, studying or writing. With the Flexlight for optimal lighting and the right chair, such as the Maximo or Scooter, which along with body size can also be adjusted to body proportions, the result is in an ergonomic study space.

The new Champion Compact Express provides the perfect basis for this. It brings a learning experience full of variety – whether standing or sitting – to the kids’ room.

How should kids rooms be furnished for perfect ergonomic conditions ?

The Champion Compact Express succeeds with its patented Express height adjustment of 69-114 cm (even to 124 cm with height adapter). As a kids’ desk that grows with the children, the Champion Compact Express is the ideal companion desk – from primary school through to college and on to the adult office with a sit-stand work space. Its diverse extension options also make it suitable for use in the home office and office for adults.

Champion Compact Express – ideal for small kids’ rooms

A kids’ room must be able to meet a wide range of needs on a daily basis. It will normally be a place for sleeping, play and study all in one. The space will frequently be tight. When just a small amount of floor space is available, a compact desk is necessary. The Champion Compact Express, with a width of 86 cm (33.85 in.), can also fit in small niches. A particularly space-saving extension for this desk is for example the Flex Deck Compact:  With this practical multi-functional shelf, the desk extends to three dimensions.

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