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Moll Winner New

Moll Winner New


Winner by moll
Even the youngest want their own desk for painting and crafts – and Winner gives them what they want for a long time to come.

If you choose Winner, you get more than just a desk. Winner is moll’s extra-value soluton. In additon to the book holder, the ruler and the bag hook that come on every moll desk, the Winner has additonal highlights. It also includes the OrgaSet organizer and a spacious giantdrawer.

Your perfect basic features:


  • Height adjustment option, stable metal foot with castor at the back and height adjustment
  • Desktop that can be tilted just by lifting up to 18° – adjustable cushioned lowering
  • Giant drawer: For lots of storage across the whole desk width.
  • With two foam inserts and Orgaset organizer
  • Practical pencil compartment that can be folded up. Color applications and color strips are supplied in 6 colors
  • Can be extended with three storage options
  • Translucent book holder
  • Hook for bags
  • Orgaset
  • Durable wood elements made of chip board, coated with melamine resin
  • Magnetic anti-slip feature with ruler and magnifying glass



Dimensions: 121×71 cm

moll – quality made in Germany!

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